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Peco - Sports Exhausts - 1000 BHP Dynojet Rolling Road
Click me for more DetailsPeco Sports Exhausts have been made here in ‘Cruisewirral land’ for nearly 40 years.
We have a full production facility which incorporates an Engine Dynamometer Test Cell, and a 1000 BHP Dynojet Rolling Road which is available for all types of work,
(including Cruisewirral ‘shoot outs’). Visit www.peco.co.uk click me for contact details.
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UPDATE 1-Motorcycling-Marquez holds off Dovizioso to win in Aragon
Motorcycling-World body withdraws Fenati's licence until 2019
Motor racing-Former champion Buemi to stay in Formula E with Nissan
Motor racing-Harding Steinbrenner team to race in 2019 IndyCar series
INTERVIEW-Motor racing-Piquet would welcome Alonso to Formula E
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Debate: Speed Limits
Click me Read MoreHas any1 got any views on the pathetic way speed limits are set. There are some pleces which do baffle by being 30mph in an unbuilt up area on a long straight road!! Does anybody know the lunacy law about how these are set? There are ovbious ones around schools, dual carriage ways and motorways but its the odd ones ......
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Guide : How to Jump Start your car
Click me Read MoreA Novice should be able to complete this nervously but confidence will come as you do a few over the years. Once your prepped this should only take 2 ? 3 mins to get on your way. What we are going to do is use the charge / power in the fresh battery to fool the flat battery?s car that the battery is fine. (Until we remove the Jump Leads). And with the flat battery?s car running again work on getting the battery back to a level where it will start the next time too.
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Can Parents Realy Drive ?
Click me Read MoreAccidents on the school run cost over ?90m As children head back to school after half-term, new research from Egg reveals the impact and heavy financial cost of the four million plus parents who regularly drive their children to and from school on the infamous 'school run'. The findings also reveal that this costly exercise can also be fraught with danger as four million mums or dads fight to drop the kids off at school. The research reveals that the annual cost of the school run is a staggering ?1.66 billion a year. This equates to ?401.6 per household .....Sign up and read more..
'Thiefproof' car key cracked
Click me Read MoreResearchers have discovered cryptographic vulnerabilities in the RFID technology used in high-security car keys and petrol pump payment systems. The attack against Texas Instruments DST tags used in vehicle immobilisers and ExxonMobil's SpeedPass system was identified by experts at Johns Hopkins University and RSA Laboratories. The algorithm used in TI's DST tags is an unpublished, proprietary cipher that uses a 40-bit key
How to request information from DVLA records
Click me Read MoreYou can make a request by letter for personal information held about yourself or information about other vehicle keepers held on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) records. Requests for vehicle information can be made by telephone on dedicated telephone enquiry services. Reasons for making a request Information can be released to anyone who can demonstrate 'reasonable cause' for their request. Information regarding the release of information from DVLA records can be found
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                                     Speed Reading - How fast the speedometer (calibrated for the old tires) reads.
                         Actual Speed - How fast the vehicle is actually moving.
Fill in any three of the four values to calculate the fourth.
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