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Spray Force - One Stop Shop
Click me for more DetailsSpray Force, Specialised service and repair for both modified and standard vehicles. Specialising in cars 4x4's and bikes, Engine Tuning and Modification, Custom Paint Finishes, Nitrous injection systems, Alloy wheel Refurbished.
Visit our web siteClick Me or Call us on 0151 678 0777 (Moreton, Wirral).
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Motor racing-Di Grassi seizes Mexico Formula E win at the line
Rallying-Tanak leads Rally Sweden into final day
Rallying-Suninen shines on first day in Sweden
Motor racing-Ferrari unveil new Formula One car for new era
Motor racing-Sainz ready to step up as leader in Alonso's shoes
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MotoGP 2012: The British invasion
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Canned mud for 4X4 city slickers
Click me Read MoreWorried that your 4X4 lacks off-road credibility as you mount kerbs
and flatten speed bumps in the city?
A firm from Shropshire reckons to have found the answer - spray-on mud.
Instead of heading for the nearest field and churning up beauty spots,
drivers can pay a few pounds for a bottle of real, diluted Shropshire mud.
Register and read our 4x4 drivers opinions...
Tax Disc Fines in the Post
Click me Read MoreTax Disc Fines in the Post Thousands of drivers who failed to renew their tax discs will be receiving an unwelcome surprise in the post - an ?80 penalty - under a new enforcement scheme. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) says 97,000 penalties are being issued to UK motorists whose discs expired at the end of December. Until now an untaxed vehicle only led to a fine if it was spotted on the road, for example by a police officer. Ex-owners who fail to notify the DVLA, register to read more....
Sexiest Car Survey ..
Click me Read MoreTop 10 sexy cars for men to drive ? as chosen by women The Aston Martin has been chosen as the ?most sexy? car for a man to drive, as chosen by women. When asked which car they most associated with sexy men, James Bond?s favourite runabout came in at pole position.
The survey, for Tesco, questioned 4,500 women, and revealed that Porsche came in at second place, with a surprisingly good performance from ..........
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Custom Door Cards?
Click me Read MoreI thought i would show a step by step guide on how to make custom door build.
It takes time but a LOT cheaper than buying from a shop.. Tools: Tub of P40 (fibre Glass) Tub of P38 (easy filler) MDF Expanding foam Sand paper (all sizes) Plastic filer primer Wood clue grey primer *FG ? Fibre Glass Step 1: Make MDF rings, one to the size of your speaker bracket, so the speaker will fit in. also make one for the base plate as shown below. Also you will need pieces of wood to angle the speaker to your own personal choice. Register and see the full guide, and instructions.
Vauxhall names Corsa MPV
Click me Read MoreMeet the Meriva, the latest Vauxhall MPV.
This Corsa-based mini-MPV, first revealed as the Concept M at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, will be officially unveiled in production form at the Paris Motor Show
this autumn and will go on sale early next year.
The Meriva seats five in two rows, like a traditional hatchback,
Read more on our forums........
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