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JSL - Car Sales
Click me for more DetailsJSL Can offer a range of cars from standard family hatchbacks to performance sports cars all at heavily discounted prices due to no retail premises. JSL trade over the internet to reduce trading costs therefore passing the savings directly onto you the customer.
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Motor racing-Rallying Germany leg 1 classification
UPDATE 1-Motorcycling-Dovizioso edged Marquez to claim victory in Austria
Motorcycling-Dovizioso edged Marquez to claim victory in Austria
Motorcycling-Motorcycling Grand Prix standings
UPDATE 1-Motorcycling-Motorcycling Grand Prix Austria motogp results
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MotoGP 2012: The British invasion
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Lock up your cars - Merseyside Police
Click me Read MoreMerseyside Police in Wirral are urging the public to be careful of their cars when leaving them overnight. The advice follows a week of a large number of thefts from vehicles in the north of the area which could easily have been prevented if the cars hadn't been left insecure. Superintendent Tony Doherty said, "We have recently been to visit a convicted car thief who is in prison, the offender tells us that it is widely known that the Wirral is the key areas to target as residents are going to bed leaving their cars and even their houses insecure. Read More......
Wirral's Cheapest Fuel ?
Click me Read MoreWith the Fuel Prices on the rise where is the best place to find cheapest?
With prices reachin ?1 per litre at times
you could save alot just by driving a little further down the road...
Register and find out where your cheapest petrol is today....
Rover Going Bust
Click me Read MoreApparently rover motor company is in liquidation. One of my customers has a rover and took it to the rover main dealership for a repair to be carried out under warranty only to be told they cannot take on any further warranty work as the company in going bust ??
if i owned a rover with a rover warranty and they wouldnt take on any warranty repairs.
Whats your opinions on this ??
Register for the full Rover discussion.....
Unleaded or Super Unleaded?
Click me Read MoreIs it really worth paying 5p per litre more for Super Unleaded?
I have ran my saxo on Unleaded for 6 months now and now swithced back to Super Unleaded, can`t honestly say noticed much difference and if i have it is only my mind playing games!!
Let us know your experiences and opinions??
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Off Roading, Find out where and how...
Click me Read MoreWell peeps just spent the day doin my land rover training and it was the best driving
ive ever done in my life.First of all i had a 3-4 hour drive around fife to prove i can drive it on road,
then came the fun part after a one hour break.Taking it out to the off road training course.
It was bloody fantastic and i never knew a car could do some of the things i was doing in it.
I was roving the land like a goodun....
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