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JSL - Car Sales
Click me for more DetailsJSL Can offer a range of cars from standard family hatchbacks to performance sports cars all at heavily discounted prices due to no retail premises. JSL trade over the internet to reduce trading costs therefore passing the savings directly onto you the customer.
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Motor racing-Verstappen a double winner again at FIA awards
Motor racing-Rosberg retirement puts champion's seat up for grabs
Motor racing-Reaction to the retirement of F1 champion Nico Rosberg
Motor racing-Hamilton not surprised by Rosberg retirement
Motor racing-Ecclestone shocked by Rosberg retirement, backs Alonso
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Hyundai swaps Sordo for Paddon in Australia
RX: Solberg extends lead despite missing final
Latvala wins Lahti Historic Rally for fifth time
RX: Jeanney wins in Canada
Makinen sets out Toyota WRC timetable
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MotoGP 2012: The British invasion
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Formula 1 standings
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High-tech cameras to snap more criminals
Click me Read MoreA 4x4 vehicle passes under a CCTV camera and triggers a hit on a police computer having previously gone through a speed camera in Surrey and been flagged as a possible 'clone plates'. Within minutes of the CCTV reading, the vehicle is stopped by police and the driver arrested. Seems futuristic? It's not though: this incident was one of 13,000 made by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology trialed in 23 police forces over the last year. And it's not all about motoring. Register for members coments...
Traffic police chief + 100mph And No Bann
Click me Read MoreTraffic police chief did 104mph. The police chief in charge of traffic in Greater Manchester has been caught speeding along a motorway at 104mph. Assistant Chief Constable Steve Thomas was fined ?450 and given six penalty points by North Staffordshire magistrates on Thursday. He said he sincerely regretted his "error of judgement", but had thought he was driving safely at the time.
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Off Roading, Find out where and how...
Click me Read MoreWell peeps just spent the day doin my land rover training and it was the best driving
ive ever done in my life.First of all i had a 3-4 hour drive around fife to prove i can drive it on road,
then came the fun part after a one hour break.Taking it out to the off road training course.
It was bloody fantastic and i never knew a car could do some of the things i was doing in it.
I was roving the land like a goodun....
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Modified Nationals 2006 Gallery
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We have 400 + pictures from this years event at Rockingham Speed Way.
2nd 3rd 4th June 2006. View the best of the best.
Girls walking around with very little on and much much more...
Which car was the Star of the show?
Guide : How to Jump Start your car
Click me Read MoreA Novice should be able to complete this nervously but confidence will come as you do a few over the years. Once your prepped this should only take 2 ? 3 mins to get on your way. What we are going to do is use the charge / power in the fresh battery to fool the flat battery?s car that the battery is fine. (Until we remove the Jump Leads). And with the flat battery?s car running again work on getting the battery back to a level where it will start the next time too.
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